Art Colony Paradiso

Croatia, island Rab, june 2010


Rab, Croatia

It is good that Art colony Paradiso took place in Rab. And it is also good that it is lasting. It gathers so much positive energy! Artists join it open to inspiration, meetings and recognition. They let their creativity and broad viws flourish, thus attributing to Rab's beauty, eternety and power. The colony resembles international conventions in Croatia and abroad alike in maters of it's continuity (twenty one gatherings in eight years) and it's ability accumulate the power of art and, in joined creation, outside the seclusion and intimacy of a studio, unveil new perceptions of the world with full artistic freedom."


Exhibition opening. Sanda Bajzek and Zlatko Makek. 2010


Alexander Trifonov. 2010


Milosh Prekop. 2010


Iris Dvornik-Bondora. 2010


Massimo Lomi. 2010


Elena Vollmann. 2010


Robert Almasi. 2010


Josko Eterovic. 2010


Brigitta Brand. 2010


Zeljko Zima. 2010


Standing: Sanda Bajzek, Zeljko Zima, Zlatko Makek, Brigitta Brand, Josko Eterovic, Elena Vollmann,
Massimo Lomi, Iris Dvornik-Bondora
Siting: Milosh Prekop, Alexander Trifonov, Robert Almasi.


Tatiana Trifonova, Zlatko Makek, Alexander Trifonov. 2010









Copyright artist Alexander Trifonov, 2010







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